04 Sep

Getting Unstuck


With the change of the season many of us find ourselves a bit introspective and thinking about making a change ourselves. This week we want to look at getting unstuck.

At points in our lives most of us find ourselves feeling stuck.  In order to make changes we have to recognize that we’re stuck and decide to do something about it.  Being stuck can mean many things.  It can be a thought loop, a behaviour, a routine, a feeling but what’s clear is that you feel as though it just can’t change, you feel stuck.

Getting unstuck means making a change but sometime it is easier to ignore what isn’t working in our lives, but then we remain stuck.  In 7 Ways to Get Unstuck the author points out, we might have to take a risk. Taking life to the next level doesn’t happen without at least a little risk.  Look before you leap and examine what isn’t feeling right in your life and how you might feel if that changed.

An Internet search suggests that this problem isn’t uncommon.  There is actually a website dedicated to Unstuck Life Courses.  To get started we identify the barrier or quite simply ask the question What is stopping you? It is easy to be complacent because honestly, change is hard.  Who really wants to do something hard when life feels exhausting already.

Be clear in what you are looking for in this change and think about the benefits.  What positive payoffs are there for getting unstuck?

Talk to people in your life that have made a change.  People love to talk about their achievements, just ask them.  Although every situation is different the commonality is positive change.  Knowing that someone else was able to get unstuck can be quite inspiring. Take some time to inspire yourself.  Change your environment with a new plant or do something that makes you smile.  Small changes mean you are on the road to bigger changes.

Make a plan.  How are you going to get there?  Be concrete but leave room for revisions because sometimes the plan requires a bit of tweaking when life gets in the way.  Be kind to yourself and focus on the end game.  You are going to feel happier and more fulfilled when you become unstuck. Be realistic blogger Kristy Campbell points out in Getting Unstuck .

So get started and do something for you. Today take 5 minutes to view this motivational video by Iyanla Vanzant on How To Get Unstuck and you will be grateful you did.


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