25 Feb

Lists: Why we love them

Lists are the key to my own personal wellness.  I cannot survive a week without using some sort of list.  Lists help me focus and get things done. There are different ones for different purposes but the goal is the same.  To organize the multitude of thoughts swirling around in our heads with the hopes of not forgetting something.

The All Encompassing “To Do List”

This list is likely familiar to many.  It is the list where we do a brain dump of everything in our head and write it down.  This list is both helpful and a tiny bit dangerous.  While we do get things out of our brain and onto paper, it can set us up for unrealistic expectations.

To not fall into the trap of the “Too much to do” list, we suggest keeping the list to your top 10. Remember you can always create a new list when your are done. Use this type of list with caution as it can overwhelm us when we are writing the list to alleviate some of that stress.

The Weekly or Daily “To Do List”

This is a list where we take stock of our week and break it all down.  The weekly list is much easier to manage and if we miss a task on Monday we can move it over to our next day.  We like this list because it gives us a visual of our week. The daily list is fine but if you are someone who overestimates what they can do, the weekly list will likely work better for you.

Think about your week and add things according to how busy your day will be.  If you know you are running around after work on Tuesday, doing groceries and picking up kids, then make your tasks small and achievable that day.  If you have a quiet house on Saturday morning with everyone sleeping in, then use that time for self care and maybe only one of your more time consuming tasks.  Yes, remember to put you on your own “to do” list!

Meal Planning and Fitness Tracker

This type of list is an incredible time saver once you get the hang of it. It means taking time to plan your weekly meals and write a grocery list but it is worth it.  Once the list is set and you have shopped, you no longer have to answer the question “What’s for dinner?” because it is all mapped out.  You can also organize a Pinterest board with your favourite recipes which makes them easy to find when you need them during the week.



Meal Planner and Workout Tracker

The Cleaning List

The cleaning list can be used for weekly jobs or there are some fantastic spring cleaning lists which help us pinpoint what we need to do to freshen our homes up for the spring season.

You can use a template and create a weekly chore list for other family members.  This helps everybody know what the expectations are for the week.


Random Lists

There are random lists for those of us who love lists.  There are lists to plan your Netflix viewing, lists  for us to track our Gratitude, lists for packing and planning trips…..oh so many lists!

Whatever your list, it serves a purpose for you and that is what is important. It lets you take stock, it helps you manage life and it gives you a sense of accomplishment. Lists are perfect for our ever changing, sometimes hectic lives and that is why we love lists!  All of these lists and many more can be found on our LSA Pinterest page on our Lists board. Find one that works for you and start listing!


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