02 Jan

Sleep! It’s just common sense :)

Article Summary: Disturbed Sleep contributes to significantly diminished mental health and is a gateway to increased risk of serious mental health problems.

Depression and insomnia

Insomnia was in the past seen as a symptom of ‘something else’ or, if associated with depression, the general consensus was that the insomnia would just ‘go away’ when the depression was treated. This concept was first challenged with the finding that if individuals had previously experienced depression, sleep disturbance in the form of insomnia was found to be a symptom that preceded a recurring bout of depression (Breslau, Roth, Rosenthal, & Andreski., 1996). More direct relationships between untreated insomnia and depression have since been established (Riemann & Voderholzer, 2003; Cole & Dendukuri, 2003)

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