24 Dec

Happy Holidays!

Wishing you a relaxing and joyous holiday season from all of us at Lidkea Stob and Associates! Holiday Office Hours: Closed Monday December 26. Open Tuesday December 27- 30th, 8:30 a.m to 1:00 p.m


17 Dec

Enjoying the Holidays

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season brings excitement and sometimes dread all at the same time. There are parties to go to or not go to, shopping, decorating, spending time with friends and family….oh and unrealistic expectations!  Yes, during the holiday season we can set ourselves up for failure by thinking we should be able to perform incredible feats in a single bound.  So instead of feeling sick, resentful and exhausted during this happy season why not create a plan for success?!  Plan to enjoy the holiday season.

Set Obtainable Goals

Can you really be in 3 places at once?  Remember every time you say yes to something it means saying no to something else. Don’t over schedule yourself or your family.  Take a look at what needs to be done and the time that you have to do it in.  Establish priorities and let go of the extras.  That last batch of cookies is less important than getting a full night’s sleep.

Take a break

This likely sounds counterintuitive when your to do list and calendar is full, but self care means stopping and taking some time for you.  Taking a break allows you to replenish your energy.  It is important to your health and wellness.  Carve out an hour during your day and curl up with a book or even take a short nap to help refresh.

Let Go of Unrealistic Expectations

When we have unrealistic expectations of others and sometimes even ourselves we can feel letdown.  Taking the pressure off yourself to perform incredible feats can be a huge relief.  By letting go of these expectations we open up our holiday to possibilities. An article from John Hopkins recommends being mindful of what is important to you during the holidays.

Make Healthy Choices

As tasty as those sugar cookies or glass of wine might be they can actually drain our energy and create a bit of a boomerang effect with our mood.  For those of us who love food we have to strategize on how to avoid too much sugar during the holidays.  Here are a few good tips from blogger Stephanie Stiavetti from The Culinary Life to help. It’s not about depriving yourself….as  they always say, anything in moderation.

Stick to your budget

Thoughtful gifts don’t need to be expensive.  Do it yourself essential oil roller balls or bath bombs can be used for sore muscles, to uplift mood or as help for a pounding head. Who wouldn’t love a low maintenance mason jar terrarium you made yourself!? Maybe a gift certificate for a nice dinner at your house or a few hours of babysitting to help a new mom have a break.  Be creative but don’t break the bank!  We have listed lots of great DIY ideas on our Holiday Pinterest board to get you started.

Spend time with the people you enjoy being with

We can spend so much time trying to fit everyone in but sometimes the people that give us the most joy can get left out.  The friend who you’ve been trying to catch up with, your partner who you never seem to have couple time with, or your neighbour who makes you smile with their amazing life stories.  Choose who you spend time with wisely and give yourself permission to limit the activities that don’t make you happy. Incorporate these strategies and you should be well on your way to thriving this holiday!


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