13 Mar

Take time to nurture your soul!

When our soul is tired no amount of sleep will fix it.  It is important to make your happiness and wellness a priority.

5 Things you can do to feed your soul.


Take a breather, or rest for a couple of hours one afternoon when the world feels like it is getting away on you.  We can find creativity and energy when we allow ourselves time to rest and regenerate.  Our mind can get overloaded with day to day things and it is pretty challenging to find room for more.  So curl up on the couch with a good book or just let yourself be with some calming music and a cup of chai.  Do whatever it is that you enjoy, let yourself be still if that is what you need or go for a walk and feel the energy of nature. Choose your way to replenish.


Be with the people who make you happy.  Make time to see that friend that you enjoy spending time with and that makes you smile.  Humans need social connection and when our soul is tired this is one of the first things to go.  It doesn’t have to be a full out social event but rather a chance to talk and laugh together.  Sometimes sharing helps us to put things into perspective.


Laughter really is great medicine.  According to Gaiam it helps lower blood pressure and stress hormones but it boosts t cells.  Laughter also brings with it a sense of wellbeing.  So turn on that old episode of I Love Lucy and find a bit of inner joy.


Grey’s Anatomy fans know that when the going gets tough Meredith has been known to encourage her friends to “dance it out.”  A quick Google search tells us that on campuses across North America dancing to relieve stress is effective and fun.  This strategy to feed your soul can be done with others or in the privacy of your own space.  Pop in those ear buds and give it a try.  We recommend creating a “dance it out” playlist which you can have with you at all times because you never know when the mood might strike.

Be Kind

Doing something kind for others feels good.  In an article by tiny buddha they remind us that “being kind to others is being kind to yourself.”  This isn’t always easy but being positive and kind usually makes it more difficult for others to respond in a negative manner.  Setting your intention to be kind for the day can bring some pleasantly unexpected results.


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