14 Jun

Stop worrying


We all worry at some point in our lives. For some it might be a daily occurrence.  The question is how often and does it impact our daily lives?  Perhaps more far reaching is the question is worry becoming an epidemic in our society?  In a Macleans article The New Worry Epidemic author Anne Kingston looks at the social trend of people exchanging “thinking” for “worrying”.

dictionaryreference.com  worry is defined as to torment oneself with or suffer from disturbing thoughts; fret

Wouldn’t it be nice to not worry or torment ourselves! The Third Metric looks at 11 Habits of People Who Never Worry.  Some of the habits include focusing on the present, getting to the root of their worry and having the ability to see positive outcomes even in the face of a potentially negative event or situation.  Mindfulness can help us to be more present and to focus on the now.  Our ego plays a big role in how we interpret our thoughts. Try something you haven’t done before, try practicing to shift your thoughts. This can help us to see positive outcomes more readily.

Look at what is triggering the worry and see if it is based in fact or fear.  Reacting from fear can snowball and create an even larger worry than what we started with.  Examine the root and tackle what is bothering us. Worry in itself can be a barrier to finding a resolution. Mind Body Green suggests a couple tips for How to Finally Stop Worrying All the Time.  Be mindful of yourself and your surroundings and if you need to worry set a timer and give yourself only 60 seconds.

Worry pretends to be necessary but serves not useful purpose. – Eckhart Tolle


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