26 Sep

Wanting to eat healthier? Try Meatless Mondays

People often talk about the desire to eat healthier as part of their goals.   With packed busy schedules, work and family commitments , it can seem a bit overwhelming.

It is really quite simple, start small.  An interesting idea is Meatless Monday.  It is a global movement that started in 2003. One day a week create meals that are meat free and vegetarian friendly.  This makes the goal so achievable and honestly it can be fun to find new things to try.

In the infographic the Top 5 Benefits of Going Meatless on Mondays it shows us that it can be worth it making a change.  Going meatless one day a week benefits not only us by reducing the health risks but the rest of the world by reducing our carbon footprint and saving gallons of water.


Clean Eating

Clean Eating Magazine has a great website filled with options and also a Pinterest page so you can build a board with your own meatless Monday recipes.

Eating Well

Another great source for recipes is Eating Well. They host a variety of Meatless Monday recipes on their website.  The Sweet Potato and Warm Bean Salad looks like a delicious and satisfying fall meal.

Oh She Glows

Blogger and New York Times best selling author Angela Liddon shares plant based recipes on her blog.  Her recent cookbook Oh She Glows Everyday has recipes for everyday cooking.  If you are pressed for time like most of us there are plant based make ahead freezer meals for new parents.  You really don’t have to be new parent to enjoy these!

Now that you are filled with ideas and hungry for some fantastic food, we want to  help you get started.  We have created our own Meatless Monday Pinterest board with a few delicious looking recipes. So get chopping and have a  Happy Meatless Monday!


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