29 Jun

7 Ideas for Summer: Tip #5, Eat Well

Tip #5 Eat Well

This tip is on the tail of yesterday’s tip to eat local and eat fresh.  The ingredients are at your fingertips this time of year so it is easy.

Produce that is grown and travels a shorter distance to get to us is fresh and that usually means more flavour.  More flavour means less work when creating your meals.  Adding fresh herbs and salt and pepper are usually all these recipes need. Try one of these grilled summer salads for something a little different.

I will share with you my very favourite summer appetizer, Peach and brie quesadillas with honey lime dipping sauce.  It wows a crowd every time and it is very easy to prep before you go and then throw it on the grill. If you’re rained out and the party is indoors it works just as well in a non stick pan.

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