01 Jan

2017 Full of Possibilities and New Lessons

2017 Full of Possibilities and New Lessons

So here we are, we have made it to 2017.  Every year we look back and think about what we didn’t achieve.  Looking back to last year’s blog I can see that we talked about doing something new each month.

How did you do with this?  I can say that quite honestly I met my goals but not in the way I had planned.  We talked about identifying new things that you would like to do like see an opera, learn a new hobby or read a book you’ve been wanting to read.

The interesting thing is that I created a list but many of those things didn’t happen.  I never went to that opera but I did go to a student recital where our friends’ son sang opera.  The list has few check marks but interestingly life brought new experiences and lessons.  I read a fiction book in its’ entirety in less than a week.  No, it wasn’t something that helped me learn a new skill or how to reshape my thinking….it wasn’t groundbreaking it was just a really good book.

The lessons that 2016 brought me were many, but the biggest is that sometimes what I think I need to do and what I really need are different.  2016 gave me things I didn’t want but yet the wisdom they brought was invaluable.

So for 2017 be open, be positive and just resolve to let life take you where you need to go.  There is no need to overthink or to judge yourself on what you haven’t done but rather marvel at what you learned. It is okay to set some goals but I suspect less attachment to outcome is what many of us need.

I don’t know what 2017 has in store for us it does bring possibilities and new lessons and as long as we are learning then we are on the right track.


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