07 Jan

Hygge: Living the Hygge Life

This is definitely the winter to learn more about hygge. The first thing to know is that it is Danish and is pronounced “hue-guh”.  It is about getting cozy and embracing simple moments and feelings. It is about the things that make us feel grateful and happy.

For those of us who feel like we are living in the arctic this winter, it makes perfect sense. Hygge is hard to explain but when you feel it you will know you are living the hygge life.

Create a Space for Hygge to Happen

I think my cat embraces this best.  He picks the perfect spot, the one with a bit of sun that has the soft throw for him to curl up and just be. This space is where your brain and body are triggered to slow down and relax a bit and have a moment of calm amidst your busy day.

The author of Hygge House sums it up well on her blog Living Hygee, as leisurely charm. It is a space that signals it is time to gear down, sip on a cup of tea, read a book, have a chat with a friend or maybe even nap.

Be Present

Yes, you have to show up and be present to have the hygge state of mind.  You have to be willing to unplug and just enjoy some of the simpler things in life.  If you show up and be present and create the intention, hygge can happen pretty easily.

This winter we are opening our home up to friends once a month to drop in and enjoy something warm to eat and a board game or two.  We’re hoping to create a space for friends to feel welcome and loved. We’ll see what happens but at the very least we will have an evening at home with good food and a few laughs so what could be better than that?!


Hygge is a Feeling Not Something You Can Buy

Now this is a bit tricky because the bread proofing basket and jars for your sour dough starter are things that help you create the feeling of hygge.  The feeling you get from creating the perfect sour dough loaf is what we are talking about.

To create the feelings you want you may wish to surround yourself with a few things. Yes, you may buy a beautiful tea mug or a candle but they are just props to set the stage. Choose a few things that make you feel happy, cozy, and warm in your heart and your body too.

We’ll leave you with a How To map to get you started.  Check out our Pinterest board for a few more ideas.  Enjoy the journey and you will be living the hygge life soon!

29 Jan

Wellness for 2017

It’s a new year and with it comes new ideas of things we could be doing differently to promote wellness in our lives.


The less is more movement continues to be significant. North Americans have become known for their love of material things. The trend in 2016 was decluttering your life physically and emotionally. In 2017 it continues as it moves to fashion and our wardrobes with clothing coming from natural fibres and Canadian designers. The idea that we should simplify our wardrobes and get rid of excess, ditch the trends and get back to basics.  We guess that means 2017 will be a bit of a jeans and tshirt kind of year as we declutter our wardrobe.

Digital Detox

The constant buzzing, we are all familiar with the sound that happens even when our phone is on vibration.  The checking to see the email that just came in or texting a friend instead of calling.  In 10 Ways To Step Up Your Self Care Game in 2017 this tip stands out.  Take a no technology break and let your brain be creative without the help of a phone or computer.

Hygge or Nesting

Hygge, pronounced (hue-Gah) a Danish term defined in the New Yorker as “a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.”.  Winter is the perfect time for curling up with a good book with a hot beverage and practicing the art of hygee.

Self Care

We keep talking about this but honestly it is incredibly important and we can’t talk about it enough.  It is the subject of many blog posts like 30 on Tap and Moms Who Drink and Swear.  A favourite description for self care that is shared by Nicole Knepper on The Soundtrack for Self Care 2017 is to take time to do things that make you feel like you.  That is fantastic advice we can all use!

Silence is Golden

Have you ever thought about spending time in complete silence?  Silent retreats are now being offered where people cannot speak and must unplug for the duration of their time there. Unwind and still your mind for a couple of days or even weeks.  These retreats are becoming so popular they are being offered around the world in countries such as Australia, Costa Rica and closer to home in Canada. There is a website that lists them on their directory.

So find something that speaks to you and make 2017 the year of wellness!


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