24 Aug

Overcoming Barriers to Change


So often in therapy clients utter the words “I can’t” when faced with new challenges and the possibility of making a life change.  The idea of change can be frightening but in the end can be very rewarding.  Overcoming barriers to change is necessary in order to make the transformation you are working towards.  Perhaps the key word to this is “working”. It is hard work to do something differently.  We all have habits and ways of doing things that are ingrained and that have been with us for years.  Making changes can be uncomfortable and difficult in the beginning.

One barrier is  fear which is very real and sometimes debilitating. Maybe it is fear of failure or fear of the unknown. What about fear of not trying and staying stuck? It is important to personal growth to keep moving forward and trying new things.

In a 2012 article from Life Hack, 4 Ways to Overcome Barriers to Change and Make New Habits Stick they suggest that taking on too much all at once can be a barrier to lasting change.  Start small, you do not need to change everything all in a day.  Remember that some of the habits you are trying to change may have been over a lifetime so it will take time.

Remember that change is constant in the world today whether we want it or not. Change is not always optional so we must be ready to embrace both good and bad changes.   In The 3 Most Dangerous Psychological Barriers to Change the author points out exactly that.  Change happens with and without our permission.

Change by choice is always nice and we all get to a point in our lives when we know it is time to make a change.  In 10 Signs It’s Time For a Major Life Change the author looks at some subtle signals.  Do you find yourself feeling like you are just settling and not reaching for what you really want? Do you feel like you’re not living your truth?

I love the article by Tiny Buddha that suggests 13 Ways to Change When Life Changes Around You. As humans we are adaptive creatures.  So look ahead and see change as a chance for renewal and rejuvenation. You might be surprised by what you can achieve by having the courage to try!

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