28 Jun

7 Ideas for Summer, Tip #4, Eat Local, Eat Fresh

Tip #4, Eat Local, Eat Fresh

Summer is the time of bounty.  If you have a veggie garden then you’re all set.  This year I’m participating in a community garden with colleagues and it is a really nice experience. We look forward to sharing a salad together that we grew ourselves.

If you aren’t lucky enough to have a garden to eat from then take advantage of the produce around you.  In Niagara we have lots to choose from and there are farmer’s markets and roadside stands.

The Niagara Greenbelt publishes a list to help you find the roadside stands locally. The farmer’s markets are around the region and you can find them on various days of the week usually on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday.  The produce is fresh and the farmers are often there to share a recipe or talk about their passion for growing some outstanding food.


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