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Following government COVID guidelines on re-openings I will resume in person counselling sessions in my office starting Wednesday, May 19. All health protocols will be followed.

If you prefer to continue with video or phone sessions please indicate in the details section of your appointment form.

I love it! Thank you for all your patience during this turbulent time.

John Stob
26 Jun

7 Ideas for Summer, Tip #2

Tip #2, Bring it Outside

We mentioned that summer is short so we want to make the most of it.  We wait all winter for the sun and nice weather and then we find ourselves too busy to enjoy it.

You still have to eat dinner or fit in your exercise right?  Take it outside!

Exercising outside can be easier than you think. Take a bike ride, go for a hike or visit a friend with a pool if you don’t have access to one yourself.

We are not suggesting that you make more hours in the day, merely take the activities that you normally do and bring them outside.  Set the dinner table outside or ask for a seat on the patio when eating out. Whenever you can enjoy the beauty of dining al fresco because eating outdoors is better for you!

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