I had a black dog and his name was depression
Produced by the World Health Organization.

Explaining depression to my mother
A passionate monologue by a young woman.

The power of relationships:
Dr. Xavier Amador explains why the quality of your relationship may
be the secret to overcoming some of the biggest obstacles to successful treatment of mental illness.

Andrew Solomon Speaks Poetically About Depression, The Secret We Share

Communities and Mental Health:
Dr. Vikram Patel explains Community and our Mental Health.

Electroshock Therapy:
Dr. Sherwin Nuland explains his own success with ECT.

Understanding Mental illness

Stephen Fry on Bipolar Disorder AKA Manic Depression

Kelly McGonigal: How to make stress your friend


CBC Radio documentary. Are people in their 20s really adults or are they Kidults: Does delaying responsibility affect our brains? Is 25 the new 18? According to new research, putting off the life changes associated with adulthood may have a real impact on our brains.


Dean Ornish – Changing our life styles can make your brain grow more brain cells.

Texting Saves Lives.

Jason Siff Discusses Recollective Awareness Meditation.

I Can See Clearly Now The Rain Is Gone

Learn the 6 Steps to Coping with Anger and How To Overcome Anger Triggers with Dr. Larry Iverson

How anger goes out of control: The biological explanation for our primitive defensive mechanism and the rational response that the pre-frontal cortex allows us to choose

Changing you lifestyle is as powerful as medication