The full onslaught of pressures to get things done, the need for immediate gratification and a sometimes forgetfulness that we require calm and peace has contributed to increased levels of stress. As a consequence, the institution of marriage has come under a lot of pressure and a lot of divorce has occurred because of this.

Sometimes divorces needs to happen. Not all marriages are meant to stay together. However it stands to reason and has been shown economically and culturally that when family breakdown occurs that there is a cost to be borne by all the individuals and society at large.

Therefore, as a firm we encourage people to put a reasonable amount of work into their relationships because if it can be worked with, everybody wins.

If it can’t be worked with, then we understand but because marriage is an important institution and stability and predictability and consistency are good for kids to grow up healthy and with good self-esteem, we want to help facilitate a process that will improve the lives of those in our community.

Below, we’ve provided some links that can help you to improve intimacy, closeness and stability.

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