Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long are the sessions

Approximately 55 minutes

2. How much do the sessions cost?

Please see our fee schedule

3. How do I pay?

Please pay at the end of session by cash or cheque. You will receive a receipt.

4. What about confidentiality?

To protect your confidentiality we do the following: (wherever possible)
Stagger counselling appointment times (where location is applicable)
Provide separate waiting rooms (where applicable)
Schedule no back to back session with persons from the same Employee & Family Assistance Program

No telephone calls at home without your permission

Personal documents are kept in locked filing cabinets and do not leave office

No personal information released without written consent (Except under legal and emergency circumstance)

Branch offices are located in multi-use facilities

For E.A.P. clients – only basic statistics are provided to employer i.e. # of employee attended per month – no personal information is supplied.


Lidkea Stob & Associates, Family Counselling Centre may disclose your personal information as necessary to comply with obligations, for example:

All staff are legally required to report any reasonable suspicion of abuse of a child or children under 16 years of age that is currently occurring or may occur.

In rare situations involving court actions, staff and/or their records can be subpoenaed.

When a counselor has reason to believe that an individual will carry out threats of violence against a specific person, including yourself, or group of persona, the counselor has a duty to report the details of the threat to the responsible authorities to address the threat. Whether an individual is likely to carry out threats is a matter for the counselor to decide in his or her judgement but, generally, to warrant disclosure there must be a clear risk to an identifiable person or group of persons, there must be a risk of serious bodily harm or death and the danger must be imminent.

5. When do I make my next appointment?

You and your counsellor will discuss together if another appointment is required.

6. Do you have both male and female counsellors?

Yes, we have 5 male and 6 female counsellors.

7. When should I arrive for my appointment?

Please arrive 5 – 10 minutes prior to your appointment time.

8. How do I know if my insurance covers counselling or not?

Please check with your employer or insurance plan to confirm whether you have coverage for counselling by a counselor or therapist. (Please note we are not psychologists).

9. Where do your counselling clients come from?

Most are Niagara residents, however many come from the Stoney Creek, Hamilton, Burlington areas as well as Buffalo and Niagara Falls, New York.

10. Do counsellors refer / coordinate with other people / professionals?

Yes, with your written permission we may speak and or refer to other persons when appropriate (i.e. physicians, lawyers, teachers, ministers, family members, etc.

11. I feel somewhat nervous and anxious about making an appointment to talk to someone I don’t know. Is this typical?

This is a fairly common response prior to making an appointment. Please be advised that our counsellors are very skilled in assisting people to feel comfortable and relaxed and will do their best to make counselling a positive experience for you.

12. I feel like I am not the one with the problem, but I can’t get my “family member” to come in for counselling. What should I do?

We encourage you to come in for counseling so you can explore your options and choices to cope with your current situation and to review strategies to encourage your “family member” to attend counselling with or without you.

13. When do you have appointment times?

We have appointment times during the day, evenings, and on the weekends.