Employee Assistance Program

EAP’s are now an established fact in many workplaces throughout Niagara.

In 1981 LS&A pioneered the first EAP in Niagara and developed contracts with companies in the education, government, industry, hospitality and theatre sectors.

Employers know that investing in their employees’ personal health brings direct benefit to their people and ultimately to increased productivity in the workplace.  Performance is increased, focus is more clear, absenteeism is reduced.  It is a clear win/win for all parties.

Constructing an EAP is particular to each organization.  Our years of experience equips LS&A to tailor each EAP to meet the specific goals, needs and budget of every company.  One size does not fit all! Our goal is to adapt to your needs.

Please note that ALL services found on this website are available in an EAP package.  A broad array of psycho-educational material is directly available on line to everyone.  But ALL services under Health and Wellness, Counselling Services, Mental Health, Trauma/C.I.S.D. and Workplace Consultations can be included in an EAP.  In all EAP’s confidentiality is completely respected and protected.  In reporting statistics names are never divulged.  Only numbers are used.  We can include any statistical information you would require.

All EAP’s are provided with a 24 hour Crisis Line available to their employees.

A full service model would include all services plus presentations and training as desired.

Other models would incorporate individual components as chosen by you.  We will meet with you, collaboratively design your EAP and price it accordingly.  You will construct what you want for your employees.  Again, we adapt to you, not you to us!

Once constructed and priced the Contractor pays LS&A in a mutually agreed upon manner.

In some situations employee insurance benefits can pay the cost of counselling.  Other services such as Presentations, Supervising Training and Critical Incident Stress Debriefings can be purchased individually or as needed.

In summary, LS&A can design with you whichever scope of program you desire.  We can work with small, mid-size and large organizations.

To arrange a meeting or simply inquire about our EAP’s, please contact John Stob.