Critical Incident Stress Debriefing and Management

What is CISD and what is CISM?

Critical Incident Stress Management is a counselling method that helps people deal with recent trauma by allowing them to talk about the incident when it happens, without judgment or criticism. Our CISM team of mental health professionals who are trained to assess if the person being helped is a danger to themselves or to others. The goal is to ensure to the best of our ability that the person is adequately supported, emotionally and systemically in order to overcome their trauma and return to their desired level of functioning.

When will our company require CISM intervention?

If your company is managing a sensitive employee disciplinary or termination case, we can help to minimize or eliminate negative outcomes. We believe that Win – Win outcomes are achievable when strategically handled from the moment that they are identified.

How is a CISM managed?

You call us with as much notice as possible, provide the CISM mental health professional with the relevant details and we respond as required. We may attend a scheduled meeting with you and your employee, your team or if it is an on-site emergency we will rally our team and respond in a time frame determined appropriate.

Is CISM just for horrific tragedies?

No. CISM offers emotionally injured people the opportunity to initiate or restart their journey towards an improved quality of life.
People are individuals and have different stress tolerance limits.  We come from different experiences and have different psychological and social breaking points. What might break me won’t phase you one iota. If one of your employees appears to be in crisis, we can help to redirect them onto the road to recovery.

Our CISM services are managed by our Mental Health team.